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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get Bitten?

Anyone have a kiddo that bites!?
It turns out I do uggh!
Innocent looking inst he?

This is a horrible and terribly embarrassing thing when it happens!... I don't bite him! where did he learn this?

His favorite target... anyone that won't listen to him... Most times it is a younger sweeter little girl.. who is too young to listen to Riley's "babby no!"... It might be a slightly older boy.... or even his big brother... Right under his arm in his arm pit.. and almost drew blood!!!! OUCH!

The worst part is I AM RIGHT THERE!!!.. never more than 2 steps away but never close enough to stop it (or do I stop it more than I think I do).. anyhow... then I have to tell the parents and most times they are SUPER gracious... saying it happens... sometimes they are not...

This is really stressing me out! I hear people say it is "typical" and a "phase" and "yours isn't the only one" BUT HE IS MINE! the only one I care about at this particular moment...

Out of desperation I Googled how to get your child to stop biting today and found this article they had these steps:

1) Firmly say "No bite!" and remove the biting child offender from the situation.

2) Administer an appropriate consequence such as removal of the toy or a time-out for a biting child.

3) Lavish positive attention on the bitten toddler.

4) Use distraction between young kids and watch their interaction closely to avoid placing youngsters--especially one to be known to be a biting child--in a conflict situation.

5) Resist the temptation to bite a biting child back as a way to "show them" their wrongs. Use a positive approach instead. You don't want your toddler telling his teacher that he bites because that's what his parents do!
Well DUH! I did all of that!! (did you catch the last one!?! resist the temptation!) umm... I don't think that ever crossed my mind!!!

I searched again and you know what I found ANOTHER article warning parents NOT to bite their children! are there really parents out there who actually bite their children?

I decided Google was useless (like usual) and decided to put on a puppet show with Riley about animal friends getting bittern by their friends.. hahaha I know creative huh... He seemed to like it.. not sure if he got it but WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS! just better be tomorrow :)


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