Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday and back to reality...
What a wonderful weekend we had!
My Husband turned 30!
my kiddo's spent the weekend at my parent's house
We had Friday night date night and made reservations for an 8:00 dinner
We ate at Iron Hill Brewery: I had originally planned this birthday dinner to be a larger group of family, but something came up and no one could make it... so it was just me and him...
It was beautiful... We were given a booth (the ONLY way I like to eat in a busy restaurant.. it makes it feel so private)
It was a great evening filled with great food...
great conversation... we had no time we needed to be home... no bedtime... to babysitter to send home.. it was great! by 30 I think you start to appreciate the slower paced relaxing evenings....but I'll let you know for sure WHEN I turn 30...

On Saturday evening we went out for dinner AGAIN!
we went to Quips Pub it was once again great food and fun conversation...
.... a girl could get used to this :)

On Sunday (his actual birthday)
We went to my parents house after church to get our kiddo's.. we had Lunch and cake and Ice-cream

Achenbach pastries offer's a "cake" made of long john doughnuts... My Husbands favorite!

After Lunch Connor and I went for a walk with kate ( the best dog ever! and the one we are dogsitting) and we ended up on the farm searching for kittens... we found some! Cute little things white with black splotches.. so little their eyes were not open yet ... Connor was so excited to tell great -grandpa about the kitties! he ran the whole way to the house.. I just love watching him discover the same things I enjoyed discovering when I was his age... I watched him run down the barn hill and I remember finding kitty's and having the same excited feeling... I love watching him of the farm, I have so many precious memories of my childhood on the farm I want him to have fond memories too... 
Grandpa was even generous enough to give Connor a tractor ride! Connor was so excited he has been wanting a tractor ride for a while now..(since we moved we don't get them near as often as we used too)

Good-bye weekend...

Hello Monday! 
Challenge: Let's make this week as filled with wonderful memories as the weekend!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Connor's Birthday Weekend

Oh what a joy it must be to turn 5...
We had so may fun surprises planned!
On Saturday:
Connor's birthday was announced on the radio!
we went on a mystery trip...
picked up Grandma and Grandpa and Acacia on the way...
Connor was thoroughly surprised when he recognized Beaver Stadium!
It was a special treat to have the blue and white game on his actual birthday!

The Boys enjoying their first Tailgate

Riley was asked to point and smile I think that was too much to ask of him, from the grimace on his face...


there was a crowd gathered around the statue of Joe Pa.. as well as one carnation for every win he had in his career...

Connor and grandpa watching the drums outside the stadium

a great view of the field.. 
I know the sky looks ominous but God answered my prayer we had no rain till we were finished with everything and back in the car!!!

We Are: Penn State! not too many people chanting at this game but someone did yell it as we were walking to the stadium and Riley practically jumped into my arms

 The crew!

 Grandma and Riley and Connor looking through the program

my 5 year old!!!

Daddy and Connor

Riley taking it all in...


Leaving the stadium.. Connor wanted to run the entire way

Headed to town.. Riley needed a ride

We all did a lot of carrying... Steve and I would switch...

Riley finally fell asleep.. 

 Overall we had a great day! We walked to town and Connor picked out a Penn State hat...

On Sunday:
 We had a Birthday Party for him where family and friends came over... we had a baseball party

  I made cupcakes ....
 and a baseball glove...

 Friends and family all crammed into our little house and we celebrated Connor

 Happy 5th Birthday Connor!!

- Momma

Hello Monday

Hello Monday...
Hello Rainy cold weather....

Light Rain
Light Rain Mist
39.5 °F
Feels Like 36 °F
Hello coughing and snotty children...
Hello to the end of a busy weekend!... 
Hello to a room full of new toys... and children coloring quietly!?!

Hello to my 5 year old boys...it's been 2 days and I still can't believe it...
Hello to new drapes in my living room.. I plan on spending time curled up on the couch reading books today!
Hello Kindergarten meeting tomorrow... Connor is excited I wish I could say the same thing for myself...


Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

 It is a perfect 73 degrees out today and we are outside enjoying it!

 Our dogwoods are blooming and so are our flowering bushes.... our tree's are starting to shade the yard....

 I could stay out here all day long....

 My little garden is being planted... so far I have onions, radishes, lettuce, spinach and broccoli... today I am adding two pepper plants two cucumber plants.....  soon I will be adding the tomatoes a bunch more peppers.. hot and mild...and then basil and rosemary...

 I put some sand in the water table and the kiddo's were loving it!

enjoy your Monday everyone!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh the Joys of Parenthood

After today I am pretty sure my children are trying to destroy my carpet.. Yesterday Connor was taking a "nap" and discovered that if he puts dry erase marker on a piece of cardboard then dumps water on it he can make the carpet turn blue... This only after we had a specific discussion about things he was not to color on.... I guess the only thing I didn't say was for him to take the color from the card board to the floor... I was mostly concerned with him using the marker to destroy things...

then today Riley pooped on the floor... yes poop ewwwww! potty training is yucky! Of course I was out of carpet cleaner ( I should buy stock in that stuff!!!!)

Just gotta shout out pinterest because I found a recipe for a home make floor cleaner (click here)  I was able to use to get everything cleaned up ... the home made stuff worked really well surprisingly and I felt good about it... I am still going to use pet stain remover stuff for the #2 on my carpet ..... It did great getting the blue out.... Really vinegar and baking powder who knew...


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goodbye to Picnik

My favorite photo editing cheat is going out of business... I have been very very bummed because I LOVED it! I would use Picnik for almost every picture!
Today I got an email from Picnik (I was excited i thought maybe they changed their mind about closing!!) But they didn't just were sharing options with me for a new photo editor... I went to Picmonkey and I have been playing around with it a little and it has the same feel as Picnik and I think maybe I will be ok after all :)

Focal Zoom




Cross Process and Weave



Font and Clip Art

 These were just a few of my favorites that I used on most of my pictures they kept the names and everything else pretty much the same so It was fairly easy for me to understand and change over to Pickmonkey.
Everything is free for now... But they will change that... anyhow it is easier than learning how to work photoshop :) Only real complaint is that I need to save my pictures to the computer and it does not give me the option to save is to Blogger or Facebook. Anyhow Happy Wednesday to everyone!