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Monday, April 23, 2012

Connor's Birthday Weekend

Oh what a joy it must be to turn 5...
We had so may fun surprises planned!
On Saturday:
Connor's birthday was announced on the radio!
we went on a mystery trip...
picked up Grandma and Grandpa and Acacia on the way...
Connor was thoroughly surprised when he recognized Beaver Stadium!
It was a special treat to have the blue and white game on his actual birthday!

The Boys enjoying their first Tailgate

Riley was asked to point and smile I think that was too much to ask of him, from the grimace on his face...


there was a crowd gathered around the statue of Joe Pa.. as well as one carnation for every win he had in his career...

Connor and grandpa watching the drums outside the stadium

a great view of the field.. 
I know the sky looks ominous but God answered my prayer we had no rain till we were finished with everything and back in the car!!!

We Are: Penn State! not too many people chanting at this game but someone did yell it as we were walking to the stadium and Riley practically jumped into my arms

 The crew!

 Grandma and Riley and Connor looking through the program

my 5 year old!!!

Daddy and Connor

Riley taking it all in...


Leaving the stadium.. Connor wanted to run the entire way

Headed to town.. Riley needed a ride

We all did a lot of carrying... Steve and I would switch...

Riley finally fell asleep.. 

 Overall we had a great day! We walked to town and Connor picked out a Penn State hat...

On Sunday:
 We had a Birthday Party for him where family and friends came over... we had a baseball party

  I made cupcakes ....
 and a baseball glove...

 Friends and family all crammed into our little house and we celebrated Connor

 Happy 5th Birthday Connor!!

- Momma

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