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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The begnings of our garden: Trellis

I have always had a little garden in my yard it was mostly a "salsa" garden where I would grow the different ingredients to make salsa (my mother in law makes the BEST chopped salsa around). This year I want to expand and make a "spaghetti sauce" as well as a "salsa" garden. We have a bunch of large tree's in our yard so it makes it difficult to have a large garden.
This year I planted 8 tomato plants, 4 jalapeno plants, 4 bell pepper plants, and 4 sweet banana pepper plants. I also have potatoes and lettuce and two rows of onions. I know that is nothing compared to what my grandmother had in her garden, but honestly we don't eat green things in this house (beans and peas). Last year I tried egg plants and I found out I don't really like those either... live and learn I guess....

OK back to my situation... like I was saying I have 8 tomato plants planted and I have a small garden. there are several different way to stake up the plants, cages, stacks... and so on. I have one tomato cage... but last year the plant got so large that it took over more than half of the garden and almost toppled the cage... also cages cost about 10.00 each (for the good ones). I was browsing around on freecycle.org if you have never been on you need to check it out! it is a great way to recycle things you don't use anymore share with other people... LOVE IT! and someone was requesting long poles for making tomato trellis's in their garden, my mind started thinking.... we just removed an ugly old brown awning from our house.. it had long poles after offering them to the individual on freecycle I googled how to trellis tomato plants and decided to use some of the poles myself...

This is the back of your house with our ugly brown awning attached....
 ...here is what it looks like today with it removed... you see that nice change to the paint on our house? oh yeah!! we are getting it painted!! oh yeah and I added a small water feature...I still hate the louvers on the porch... I am really excited to make changed there too!
 Last year tomato plant... crazy large... taking over everything...that is just ONE plant!
 This is my plan for this year... more plants, but I am trying something new a trellising system... I am going to try and train the plant to climb the ropes and hopefully I will get lots of fruit and not take up as much space
 finally.. my garden.. yes it kinda looks like a graveyard with those pavers all around.... but... I like to reuse things and that was what I had laying around...
I don't know about you but I think our old awning looks much better as tomato trellis in my garden!!

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