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Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Little Garden: Trellis Update

Our little garden had been growing and growing.... I have found that I enjoy kinda  almost enjoy taking care of my garden in the morning... it is semi quiet time where I can listen to the song of the birds and our garden is still under shade. I find it all to easy to go about my day rushing from place to place with out ever taking time to praise God for the may blessings he has given to us... setting a specific time to  just spend time with God works well for me.... 

Our plants have more than doubled in size!.... And with help like this my garden has never looked better....

 My Tomato Trellis...they are starting to grow and I see a bunch of lovely yellow flowers... I really can't wait to use fresh tomatoes in my cooking... I also want to can sauce this year for the first time!.. (well since I was a child)

Onions... Peppers... and some tiny heads of Lettuce.. I believe a Bunny has been very nibbling on these little guys... some reason the ones in the center keep "shrinking"...
We also have some black raspberries growing on the other side of the yard.... I am very excited to see how many things I can make from these plants.... I want to make Jam... and home-made Ice-cream.... but I dunno if I will be able to or if they will all get eaten first ...
 My poor little red fence is getting swallowed by the raspberry plants .. Planted 8 on one side last year and they grew into this... so I transplanted 10 more this spring hoping to have even more next year!
 The VERY first color I have seen on any of the berries.. and I am getting excited!

Our little garden just keeps on growing and growing... with all the rain we had this spring it has really helped things get started!.. now for the sunshine.... ahhhh lovely sunshine :)

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