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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day: Our Way

Valentine's day is often said to be an "over rated",  "made up" holiday that is only around to force men to buy their wives/ girlfriends expensive gifts...

I would not be opposed to the idea of expensive gifts.. BUT I do feel it is totally unnecessary...
I feel like any chance we have to remind ourselves to tell the others around us how much we love them we should take it... even a silly made up holiday like valentine's day.

Today the Boys and I decorated the play room with hearts... I cut and they ran all over placing them in silly places... like the TV... and the walls...

We made paper valentines to hand out to one another at dinner ( I was gonna have them do it today and hand out tomorrow.... BUT they were too excited) ... Connor wrote his name and the name of the person he was giving it too on the valentine he did a great job!.. BUT he was not too happy about it... it felt like school work he said... home-school? ... hummmmmm I dunno!
Riley's valentine's day cards

Connor's valentine's day cards

Then it was my turn... the way to MY man/ little men heart's is through food.... specifically JUNK FOOD

I decided to bake them a cake... FROM SCRATCH... mostly because we didn't have any cake mix in the house... My little men did help me mix and bake the cake and it was really simple! My grandmother had given me a cook book a bunch of years back, I really like it it has lots of recipes in it that I use from time to time, mostly baking recipes, things from scratch..things I have no idea how to do with out a recipe!!
It was really simple trust me I am no Amy Baker Greer :)

To top it I made some peanut butter frosting and for that recipe I just googled it and I found a great one.

I hope everyone has a great valentines day tomorrow and is able to let the ones around them know they are loved, we never know what life will bring our way, so charrish ever moment no matter how "made up" and "silly".. WE DO!

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