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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spontaneous Adventures with the Boys...

Spontaneity is awesome! 

TO be totally honest it was this morning shortly after breakfast when I thought to myself... I would like to go somewhere special with the kiddo's today ...
I immediately thought about North East Maryland Turkey point to go swimming...
It had been a long time (since maybe High school) since I had been there... I had to call my friend and check on how to get there...
I had a great conversation with my friend.. and I knew it was going to be a great day!
8:30 I started packing lunches and getting the swim stuff together
9:15 we were out the door

Connor was very excited he kept talking about the adventure we were going to have today... I was excited too I haven't been to the beach yet this year and I needed a chance to get away with the boys...

These are the pics form our adventure:
Today turned out to be a beautiful day 88 degrees and the beach was not crowded at all!

The water was warm and peaceful the boys went right in .. no looking back...

only when I called his name...

In the picture below I think he is telling me to come in the water.. the water is where I spent most of the day playing water tag, picking up clam shells off the bottom... looking at the water birds, seagulls and bald eagles... one bald eagle flew right over us over and over again I was really hoping to see him catch a fish, no such luck but still a great great day!

Connor was doing so great he is learning to trust himself in the water

If you have never been it is a great place for younger kids the water is shallow the whole way out to the bowie, great for the kids to play in and feel safe... although the water itself was gross and dirty...

Riley was brave... he was just as willing as Connor to go out in the deep water (if not more) and swim around and chase me...  He also enjoyed just sitting in the water. The day was so warm they never got too cold or blue lips.

I will end with a picture of my cutie pie! seriously how sweet is his face. Such a great day Connor asked if we could go again next Tuesday... why Tuesday? I am not sure it is just a date he had picked out. Love him.

we were in the car and headed home by 2:00 
home by 3:00 stopped and bought some local sweet corn and had a great dinner.
I think I will say it again what a great great day!


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