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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What to do with an old ladder

I requested a wooden ladder on freecycle and I got a response from an awesome person who was even willing to deliver it for me because when he described it to me I was not sure I would be able to get it.. It was really LOOOOONG... He offered to bring it over for me!! I was ecstatic!

I have used it in all over the place indoors and out....

 I used some of the ladder in the living room for display of ice skates (almost time to take them down!!) and coffee bags...

I use this ladder piece as a candle holder and In the summer I hang mason Jar candles to help illuminate the gate

 I used a left over rung from the ladder to extend the windowsill so we can start seeds for our garden in the house....

This one is use to help my rose bush... It looks awesome right now I hope it produces more than last years 1 flower. The township took down some tree's in the front yard so hopefully it will get more sun and grow better... It it does well I may have to change out this short piece for the last long section..... or maybe i will use it for something else... I am thinking grape arbor?

After almost a year I an getting down to the end of my ladder...the last thing I made was a plant stand....

It got cold enough last night to frost last night so I needed to bring my plants in.... I just didn't want to drag them in and sit them all over the floor so I quickly found some more old pieces of a ladder and some old boards.. which happened to fit right inside the rungs..(with a little help from a persuader/ sledge hammer) there are old 2 screws holding it together... not the most sturdy but it is working.

ladder LOVE  ~Momma

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